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Noah's Ark offers an Infant & Toddler program from 6 weeks through 30 months of age. We provide care for infants/mobile infants in the Cuddle Bug room and for toddlers in the Yellow Bee classroom. Parent involvement is encouraged and welcomed in our program through open communication on a daily basis. Our goal is to provide consistent care by partnering with your family to provide continuity between Noah's Ark and your home. We strive to provide a safe environment where your young child can reach their goals of independence and we know they are very capable little people.

The Yellow Bee's

The Yellow Bee's goal is to provide that same respectful and loving place where your older toddler can grow and discover their world. Relationships and bonds are built in this safe environment, while providing exciting new experiences. Children are free to explore and acquire new skills as they become competent to do things on their own, such as feeding themselves, learning to drink from an open top cup and pouring their own milk. We will be encouraging their independence and supporting them as they are learning what they can do. The children sleep on mats in our classroom and are encouraged to fall asleep on their own. We are close at hand to support them with self-soothing and help with relaxing music and touch such as back patting or rubbing. We are also learning more about communication. Not only do we work on language development but we will also use some simple sign language. We foster self-control through positive redirection and the modeling of positive behaviors, as they learn to care for each other. Toilet Learning is another big step for your child. When they show interest, language development, and have mastered some necessary self-help skills, we will partner with you to ensure consistency between home and school.


We strive to provide consistent care by collaborating with your family to provide continuity between school and home. Open communication on a daily basis, along with parent involvement is encouraged. Our Goal is to provide a nurturing environment for each child to gain confidence and a positive sense of self. To help your child along this path, we will encourage them to:

~ Be kind and respectful to others around them.
~ Serve themselves at the table (including pouring their own drink) and learning table manners.
~ Clean-up after themselves and to assist others in the same
~ Be self-sufficient in the restroom (pulling their pants up and down, wiping themselves, washing their hands and inform staff of their need to visit the restroom)
~ Begin to dress themselves (putting on own shoes, jackets, doing snaps and zippers)
~ Learn to master making their bed at naptime
~ Make good choices

We are a "hands on" school and the children enjoy exploring this environment. Each week the children will build their body awareness and strength during Fitness Fun in our Trinity Center (gymnasium).


Pre-K children (those who will attend Kindergarten the next school year) build on the skills they already have and move towards getting ready for Kindergarten. Pre-K children will receive "On Track to Kindergarten" at the beginning of each week. Our hope this is a fun and beneficial time for you and your child to learn together.

Some of the skills we introduce at preschool include:

~ Literacy
Playing with rhyming words, identifying beginning sounds, beginning to associate letters with sounds, identifying at least 10 letters of the alphabet
~ Printing
We use a portion of the "Handwriting Without Tears" method and encourage the children to progress from scribbles to letter-like symbols to printing of their name, while allowing children to develop at their own rate.
~ Mathematics
Sorting and classifying, patterning, recognition of numerals 0 - 9, ordering, identifying basic shapes
~ Science
Identifying body parts, understanding functions of the five senses, awareness of the natural world and living things, predicting outcomes
~ Art/Music
Children are offered a wide variety of materials and art experiences daily. A diverse mix of music, both in passive listening and active participation are offered throughout the day.


Chapel is an important aspect of our ministry at Noah's Ark Learning Center. We gather each week for singing, Bible stories and prayer led by our FIRST pastoral staff. Here they learn about God's love for us and our world. We look forward to being a part of nurturing the spiritual growth of your child in the coming year.


This is a time for our preschool classes to meet in the gym each week to boost their large motor skills. Your child will experience the fun of moving, stretching, jumping, balancing, growing in their development of large & small motor skills and exercising their body and spirit!

During the year we will have Fitness Fun Olympic Relays and then the summer brings Kids Games. An assessment of each preschool child will be done at the beginning and at the end of the school year.


During the coming year there will be Saturday events for the whole family!
We have special events like flying kites at Oceanside beach, fishing at Guajome Park pond, picking strawberries in Carlsbad, decorating gingerbread houses at the Ark, just to name a few! These events provide opportunities for your family to spend time together learning, playing, exploring God's world and building relationships with one another!
Join with Noah's Ark and FIRST families for FUN, FUN, FUN around North County!


The Noah's Ark staff implements procedures to help prevent illness and the transmission of germs between children.

Teachers do a simple wellness check of each child as they enter the classroom and begin their time with us. Proper hand-washing procedures are posted and followed by all adults and children. Toys or other items that have been put in a child's mouth are isolated and then washed by hand with detergent, rinsed and air dried. Routine daily cleaning and sanitizing of all surfaces in the facility is done by the staff and a contracted janitorial service. Outdoor surfaces, including the sand in the sand box, are sanitized on a routine basis. Noah's Ark remains diligent in helping prevent the spread of Covid. We as a facility follow guidance from the State of California and CCLD. We Strive for a healthy facility by consistently screening children for symptoms related to covid and notifying families if there is exposure in our center.
For more information: California Department of Public Health

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